Integral Service

Ballena Center is your Real Estate in Costa Ballena. The experience of living and working in Costa Ballena since 2.000, hundreds of property’s owners, and numerous developers and businessmen in the area, behind us.

1. We negotiate for you the sale, the purchase and the rental of properties with effective resources that make profitable your investment.

We have a wide portfolio of flats, houses, sites, in Costa Ballena, and nearby locations. Use our Property Search to find what you want. Or if you prefer, please contact us.

We always resort to the more actual Publicity’s supports to arrive to the maximum number of Clients in the smaller space of time.

2. We facilitate all the necessary steps to you

  • Aid in the search of means of Appraisal and Financing that better adapt to your necessities
  • Professional management about the legal procedures for the Real Estate Services (check on the actual state of buildings, preparation of documents for reservation and private contracts, energy certificates , registration of the Holiday Properties in the Register of Tourism of Andalusia , managements in Notary, Property Registry, Finance , Town Hall, etc. )
  • Hiring or Change of the supplies of water, light, gas, community, etc.
  • Transaction in our offices of Insurances Santalucía of Home, Life, etc .

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