In the numerous bars, restaurants, taverns of the zone, it is possible to taste a varied Gastronomy, with many popular cooking recipes (Urta a la Roteña, Arranque) that they connect with the current Mediterranean Cuisine and always bathed of excellent Wines and Brandies.

A sample of the products of the zone:

  • Fish: Dorada, Lubina, Lenguado, Urta, Róbalo, Acedía, Pijota, Besugo, Corvina, etc.
  • Shellfish: Gambas, Cigalas, Langostinos, Almejas, etc.
  • Cheeses and Chacinas: Of great variety in the towns of the mountain range
  • Iberian Jamón and Products of Hunting
  • Olive Oil...
  • Wines & Brandies: Finos, Amontillados, Olorosos, Manzanillas, Dulces, Brandies

The program of the region celebrations is along the whole year: the Carnivals of Cádiz, the Feria of the Horse in Jerez, the Ferias of Spring in: Rota, El Puerto de Santa Maria (Feria of the Fino) and Sanlúcar (Feria of the Manzanilla), the Championships of Motorcycles in Jerez, the Romería of the Rocío, the horse racing in the beaches of Sanlúcar, etc.

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